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Canandaigua Glimpses
The purpose of this website and my mission is to keep everyone abreast of current happenings and events in and around the city of Canandaigua with photos and short commentaries

ProCutters Lawn and Landscape
We are dedicated to providing year-round outdoor maintenance and Landscape construction for discriminating clientele. Pro-Cutters Offers Only The Finest Of Materials and Craftsmanship. Clean, Neat, Prompt and Professional

The Manic School Bus
Yes I really do get up at 5 AM to drive a School Bus

Mama Loca
My Home on the Web

Canandaigua Can
dedicated to promoting and preserving a unique Canandaigua

The Ordinary Citizen
Local News and Views

Chicagoland Electronic Commerce Initiative

Chosen Spot Design
Hassle Free web Design

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